The sound of an album or a band is crucial for its succes.

A band creates its sound in the way he plays, the instruments he uses and his creativity.

The role of a sound ingineer is to capture this sound as best as possible.


At DigiHill Studio we use high quality analog and digital gear for the full production of an album, but we also provide some indivudual services such as:


- Recording

- Re-amping

- Drums edition and re-sampling

- Mixing

- Mastering

- Rehearsals

Your rehearsals are always recorded in multitracks and mixed live so you can listen to your performance and send your demos to producers.


The Studio is ran by William MORABITO (Sound Engineer and singer of the band Xplore Yesterday 'XY'). He has been formed by the legend  ANDY WALLACE (Linkin Park, Slayer, Sepultura, The Foo fighters , Nirvana, Slipknot, Alice Cooper, SOAD, Airbourne, Rage against the machine, Korn, Faith no more, Avenged Sevenfold, Jeff Buckley, Dream theater) and now has 10 years experiance.


We exclusively work on Mainstream music/Pop/Rock/Metal genre.


If you choose to work with us, we will give you the best to get you a peacefull working environment. We will listen to your needs and be able to advise you so we can get a professional record with no stress.


The Studio is situated on the top of the Nice's hills in front of a forest with a swimming pool and offers you a calm and inspiring working area.





- Processeur i7 4790k - 32Go RAM

- Convertisseurs RME

- Cubase 8.5 Pro / Protools HD 12

- Table de mixage Allen & heath QU-16 + Me-1 Modules

- Controlleur ICon Qcon Pro X + Qcon Pro XS (2)




- Focal Solo 6be

- Yamaha HS80

- Focal Spirit Pro




- Neve 1073

- SSL XLogic Alpha VHD Pre

- SPL Goldmic 9844

- RME Octomic

- Presonus DIGIMAX




- AKG C414

- Blue Gragonfly

- Shure SM81

- Shure SM58

- Shure SM57

- Shure Beta52

- Shure Beta91

- Sennheiser e609

- Sennheiser e906

- Sennheiser e604

- AKG P4

- AKG P16

- AKG P2

- AKG P17

- Lauten Audio LA-120




- Stam Audio SA4000 +

- Stam Audio SA76

- Distressor




- Kemper




- Tama StarClassic Performer B/B

• 22"x 20" Kick Drum

• 10"x 06,5" Tom Tom

• 12"x 07" Tom Tom

• 14"x 12" Floor Tom

• 16"x 14" Floor Tom

- DW PDP 14"x6,5" Bubinga Snare

- Crash 18", 16", HH 14" Ride 20" zildjian A Custom

- Cajon Katho


3rd party PLUGINS


- Waves

- Slate digital

- FabFilter

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